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barry johnson Friday, 28th July 2017

I’d just like to make other customers aware about how bad this table is, I paid £999.00 for this table made from cheap decking wood very badly finished, you can see gaps in the cushion frame, rough saw marks on the bottom of the legs, chunks missing screw hole damage and the cloth is so badly fitted there’s strands hanging out everywhere, please don’t make the same mistake I did as the company don’t want to know as soon as they have your money, last resort but had to go through small claims court to resolve, extremely disappointed:-

David Kemp purchased our Pool Table from us: The Outdoor All Weather Pool Table, picture attached,  for the costing of £999.00 which included delivery and full set up of the table to Southampton. David Kemp had purchased this table from us for his customer. We delivered the table to his customer on Wednesday 14th June 2017 and i believe it was his wife who accepted the delivery.

On 16th June 2017 David Kemp emailed us and advised that the 3rd party customer (his customer) was not happy with the table we had delivered and listed a number of ”issues” with the table. On this day i responded to David Kemp stating i would contact his customer and advised we would be happy to resolve any ”issues” with the table that the customer was not happy with.

As promised, I contacted David’s customer. Upon telephone conversation with the customer he advised the real reason he was not happy was because ‘our table’ was not the table he originally purchased from David Kemp, and it was not the table he had seen advertised on David Kemp’s website. The customer confirmed he had purchased the ”Rustic outdoor Table” made by the factory Optima Pool. Very stunned Barry then confirmed to customer that the ‘Rustic Outdoor Pool Table’ made by Optima Pool was no longer made and has not been for some time, at least 2 years. After the telephone call myself, Carla and Barry decided to have a look at David Kemp’s Website, and with our own eyes  saw the ”Rustic Outdoor Pool Table” made by Optima advertised on the website. To confirm also the table was priced at £1495.00!!!! We were very VERY shocked. David Kemp had sold his customer our table instead of the Rustic Outdoor obviously thinking his customer would not notice. When clearly they are NOT similar in any way.

To say the 3rd Party customer was annoyed is an understatement. More so the fact that he had been online and found our table and realised it was only £999.00 and David Kemp had charged him £1495.00.

After telephone conversation with Danny i then contacted David Kemp via email to advise the customer was not happy due to the fact he had sold him a different table to what was advertised on his website, at a higher costing. – Just recently David Kemp has confirmed and i quote, PICTURE WAS FOR ILLUSTRATION PURPOSES ONLY.

After this on the 20th June David Kemp responded to our email stating ”Carla, Barry you really should call you to sort this out” and threatened us with the small claims court, to which Barry responded with threats like that it would be best to go through the small claims court. On this day we checked David Kemp’s website again and realised he have removed the table he sold to his customer. I asked him through email if he had nothing to hide why had he removed the picture and write up off his website.

To confirm on the 21st June 2017 we received an email from the 3rd party customer, David Kemp’s customer and he confirmed in writing he is not happy due to the fact he has been sold a table from David Kemp (Bristol Pool & Snooker) that he did not order and was at no point told he would be receiving a different table. Also to confirm the customer had, in time screen shot the table advertised on David Kemp’s website that he had purchased prior to David removing it from his website and he has forwarded this to us. Email Below:-

Barry, i can confirm the table i ordered from Bristol pool & Snooker wasn’t what was delivered. The table that was advertised on the Bristol Pool & Snooker website was the ‘Rustic outdoor table’ made by Optima (see attached screenshot from website). The table i received was the one made by yourselves which retails for £999, i was charged £1495 for this table and at no point was I informed that I would be receiving a different table from  what was advertised. I did not or do not want the Johnsons Sports table and I’m entitled to a full refund from Bristol Pool & snooker.

On the 22nd June 2017 David responded by email, trying to black mail us by stating ”you could stop all of this by refunding me my money and collecting the table” and ”you could be a gentleman about this and realise that someone at your place has sent out a seriously defective table”. We have it in writing from the 3rd party customer himself the real reason he is not happy and yet David was still trying to blame that the table was defective in order for him to get his money back from us as he had obviously lost out by having to refund his customer.


David has since tried to go through Ebay to claim his monies back to which i can confirm they have DECLINED his charge back due to the fact he sold it to a 3rd Party and Ebay have seen all the messages between us through ebay. He then left us bad feedback to which Ebay have removed this immidiently. He then contacted Paypal and tried to go through them and i was advised his charge back was also DECLINED.

If you need any further proof from us please do not hesitate to ask.